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Love Connection

Remember the TV dating game show Love Connection?  If only it were as easy as letting a studio audience pick it for you….

Note to self: Get some quarter jeans!

A dear friend wrote to me inquiring about the best way to develop a deeper connection.  Developing a connection is something that can be exciting and nerve-wracking.  When you meet someone new it can be exciting to learn about them and find out things you have in common.  On the other hand, it can be nerve-wracking wondering if they’ll like you, find you attractive or be repulsed by you. Nervousness, jitters, insecurities and all types of thoughts or emotions can arise.  These things can get in the way of developing a connection.  However, even if they occur initially, over time as they diminish, room for a connection can blossom.

Sometimes the connection happens very organically and naturally.  Sometimes it is developed over time, at a much slower pace.  As you get to know someone and trust, acceptance, and mutual respect is developed, the connection deepens.

In my experience, I have developed the sincerest connections with people whom I feel a high level of comfort with.  That level of comfort comes from a feeling of acceptance and enjoying me as I am without a preconceived notion of who I’m supposed to be or certain things I’m supposed to do.  For an example, there was a time when reviews were very popular, and gentlemen would write and publicly post their take on an experience we may have shared.  Someone else would read that account and if they came with a preconceived notion expecting the exact same experience, it would make it difficult to develop a genuine connection.  Each encounter is different and unique to the people involved.  There are also times when even though the same people are involved, subsequent encounters are different.  I tend to like to go with the flow and when there is an expectation of a scripted performance, it’s not conducive to an organic connection.  Another example is when someone expects the type of reaction they’ve seen in a porno.  PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Porn is not real.  Porn does not imitate real life.  I am a real person.  Although I enjoy sex, and may be more open-minded than the average person, I don’t even attempt to imitate porn.  I simply do what I enjoy doing and I don’t fake it. 

In my opinion, the best way to develop a deep connection is to do the following:  Kiss me.  I love to kiss.  A kiss is an expression of trust, sensuality, desire, passion, affection, attraction, friendship, and much more.  A kiss is one of the best ways to open the door to a deeper connection.  The second thing is to let go of expectations and go with the flow.  When an encounter can unfold organically, it allows you to be you and me to be me in a non-judgmental environment.  Where there is acceptance, connection is much more likely to follow.  Third, don’t make it complicated.  An experience with me should be light and fun.  No part of the process is complicated, don’t make it so.  No need to overthink, overanalyze, fret or worry.  Just show up, be clean, and prepared to have a good time!  I don’t know about you, but I’m only here to have fun.  I enjoy what I do (and hopefully you do too!).  When being Eva ceases to be fun, I will stop.

I’d like to think that I create an environment that allows a connection to be easily developed.  I love people and find that my interest and fascination with all different types of people allows me to connect with people rather easily.  I am pretty open-minded and find ways to relate in some way to almost everyone I meet.  As a human race I believe that all of us are more alike than we are different.  However, if your experience is different, the beauty of hiring an escort is that you have your pick of a wide variety of providers who each have different personalities and offer different experiences.  You may find that there is someone else whom you connect with easier.  I am never upset or offended if a gentleman friend decides to see someone else.  I truly think that is a wonderful perk of this experience.  As I mentioned before, this experience should be light and fun.  We all are expending resources, money, energy, and time, that we will not get back.  We should use those resources wisely, especially time.  Time is the one resource that once spent, you cannot get back.  Life is short.  Spend more time kissing, less time complicating things, go with the flow, and enjoy!

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