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What separates the gentleman from the man is the one who waits for no special occasion to treat a lady with dignity and respect. When I feel a balance of physical and mental safety, there are no limitations to our sensual and erotic connection.

  • Contact – Thorough communication ensures the quickest response in arranging time together. Whether contacting my assistant or me, by text or email, include: your name, subject with details (requesting my availability, arrangements for a dinner engagement, question about overnight rates, dates you’d like to coordinate a weekend getaway along with as much detail as possible, etc.). An incomplete or unclear communication will only lead to an insufficient and drawn out dialogue which may or may not result in a date.

  • Respect – Please keep in mind that though our business is pleasure, appointments must be honored like those in any other profession. Kindly respect my time and I will respect yours.

  • Cancellations are expected to be received well in advance when at all possible. The lack of any cancellation will prohibit future engagements.

  • Donations shall remain unspoken at all times with the exception of extended trysts that require coordination of details. Your gift should be placed in an area that is clearly visible upon arrival.

  • Timeliness – Our engagement will move along at a luxurious pace. Time stands still in the wake of blissful fun and satisfaction. Though I am not a clock watcher, I ask that you remain prudent of our time together and not wait for the awkward moment when I would otherwise have to remind you that our date is nearing an end. If we are having too much fun and you’d like to extend the occasion, just ask if I have additional time available.

  • Boundaries – As a standard method of conduct, I simply will not engage in what I consider to be unsafe practices, regardless of any test papers or how long we’ve known each other. While I love to travel, Greece is neither a country I will visit nor a topic of discussion.

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