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Once in a great while a rare discovery graces your world and you secretly wonder what on earth you’ve done to invite such incredible luck. Allow your imagination to run wild and fantasize about the most beautifully erotic woman, highly skilled in all areas sensual. She is generous, confident and intelligent, all intensified by an insatiable hunger to please you.


While personal encounters with others have convinced you that such an embodiment of female perfection lives only in your fantasies, you will realize that I am this extraordinary gem who is about to make your acquaintance and you will never be the same. From the moment that my voice touches your ears you will feel surprisingly relaxed. My easygoing personality is exceeded only by silky, flawless, caramel skin adorned in lacey lingerie. As your eyes lust my athletic body, the desire to get to know each other will be mutual. Our minds will flirt with casual banter talking about your interests, turn ons and fantasies while you privately anticipate stimulating my wildly erect nipples as my muscular calves wrap themselves around your waist and you will blush.


As your Lady DuJour, you will come to cherish me as a keeper whom you’ll want all to yourself. Even before we meet, you will grow to anticipate each encounter and I will take pride in knowing that I have made a positive difference in a gentleman’s life.


But I am not the overwhelming type and this is what will really turn you on. I am all that you ever dreamed of in a real relationship without the complications. You see, I do not believe in labels because I am much more understated and this will put you at ease. Think of me as your lover with softly, feminine sex appeal and a mild disposition who is fun to be around, possesses a few college degrees and a knack for good conversation. By choice, my life is balanced between time as a private companion, enjoying family, studying, reading books, listening to live music, riding motorcycles and traveling.


Height: 5' 7"

Race:  African-American, smooth caramel complexion

Age: Mid 30's

Eyes: Grey

Bust: 36D

Dress Size: 6

Shoe Size: 8 1/2

Body Type:  Slim, Athletic

Bikini Area:  Shaved, smooth, and soft

Tattoos: One

Piercings:  Ears and belly button

Non-smoker, Drug Free

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